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Odysseus Eye Black Small Bracelet – Evil eye protection.

A piece of jewelry featuring the timeless Greek symbol of eye that protects against the ‘evil eye’. The particular eye is inspired by the painted eye on Odysseus’ ship, in the Odyssey epic. The ship of Odysseus passing the Sirens. This motif supposedly protected Odysseus against evil and envy, during his long journey after the Trojan war.

Ithaca represents our ultimate goal or the recovery of something we have lost. In the Odyssey, Odysseus had to fight for his journey back home, his loved ones, even Ithaca itself. He suffered a lot before he finally arrived at his homeland, which is considered as the final destination of peace and prosperity.

This bracelet is a great example of the statement and symbolic accessories trend. Why not try express yourself in a more authentic way? Today style in jewelry is not so much about extravagant precious pieces. It is more about minimalism, elegance, low cost, handmade accessories, high quality materials, sustainability but most of all personalization. Make an interesting statement without saying a word…

Odysseus Eye Black Small Bracelet – Evil eye protection: Dimensions: 1.3 cm x 0.7 cm (eye), Chain length 17cm + 5.0cm for adjustable fit. Total length 22cm. adjustable fit.

Made of 24k gold plated sterling silver 925. Rough finished. With a black cubic zircon and black rhodium plated chain.

Designer: Fani Fine Jewelry

Please note:

Gold plating and oxidation most of the times wear off eventually. However you can always replate them at a trusted silversmith. Don’t forget that the plating of your jewels can last more with proper care – avoiding contact with water, soaps and perfumes.

All our jewels are crafted carefully and with a focus on details. However keep in mind that a handmade product is always subject to small differentiation from the original fotos.

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Find out more about the Greek evil eye doctrine.

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Black Zircon, Sterling Silver




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